About Us

We. Trust. Tech.

We are a no-nonsense web development agency, consisting of a close-knit team of mainly back-end and front-end developers, with a good sense of customer wishes and an above-average interest in the technology of today and tomorrow. We do not have account teams, and customers communicate directly with our developers as often as possible. This makes our collaboration transparent and effective, and thus we also eliminate the biggest troublemaker in a customer relationship: noise on the line.

Connect people and software.
Empowers connections and drives innovation.
Tech-driven fanatism is what differentiates us – and where we make the difference.


Most of our team members have been working at 9Yards since the founding of the company. We are quite proud of that. An overview:

Jurgen Mahn
Jasper Snijders
Techlead/Solutions Architect
Mateus Gemignani
Solutions Architect
Tejas Sanghavi
Backend Developer
Eric Zijlstra
Frontend Developer
Ilkkan Tuluce
Fullstack Developer
Mohamed El Yakoubi
Backend Developer
Marco Bos
Business Consultant
Sylvia Lefeber
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The whole-nine-yards.
Based on hundreds of projects, we have developed a proven working method that you can rely on. Our 9Yards explained in phases:
  • Phase 1 – Onboarding
  • Phase 2 – Strategy
  • Phase 3 – Design
  • Phase 4 – Development
  • Phase 5 – Testing
  • Phase 6 – Go live!
  • Phase 7 – Issue monitoring
  • Phase 8 – Pro-active support
  • Phase 9 – Wanna-have sessions
We invite you to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about how we work.
With whom we love to collaborate.
Since our founding in 2011, we are proud that we have entered into partnerships with multiple parties that benefit us all. Our customers and the collaborating partners. An overview:
We are always open to new partnerships. Interested? Please feel free to get in touch.
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