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Amazing Kids


Connection Magento webhop and Mpluskassa


Partnership since 2018 Magento development, hosting and 9YMiddleware connections.

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Children's clothing store Amazingkids started as a webshop in 2004. After a successful start online, Amazing Kids expanded to physical stores and the online activities continued to grow. Nowadays, Amazingkids is a strong cross-channel children's fashion company that serves as a successful example for many entrepreneurs in the retail industry.

Amazingkids has become a 9Yards customer through our partner Mpluskassa. A link had to be developed between Mplus and Magento to coordinate all stocks, prices and delivery times. An assignment in which 9Yards has the necessary experience. We have established the connection via our 9YConnect Middleware. After delivering a working connection, Amazingkids also outsourced the further development and support of the Magento webshop to 9Yards.

Projects include:

  • Magento shops Amazingkids, Pico en BuzzyBee.
  • PWA Pico en BuzzyBee.
  • PWA Amazingkids.

Read more about MPlusKassa and Amazingkids on Mplus.