Wagelaar Bicycle Wholesale


Customer portal (B2B) linked to Pantheon ERP, carriers and market places


Headless environment specifically for B2B use with representative functions

Wagelaar Rijwielgroothandel BV has been a partner of specialist dealers and bicycle makers for over 75 years. Wagelaar offers a very extensive range of bicycle parts, bicycle accessories and complete bicycles.

9Yards developed a customer portal specifically aimed at the B2B market. Not a consumer site with B2B options, but specifically developed for the B2B market. Customers are supported in every way to collect the products from their order as easily and quickly as possible. Through a link with Pantheon ERP, Wagelaar customers can view their order history, invoices and order lines yet to be delivered via the customer portal.

  • Complete headless environment for desktop and mobile (PWA)
  • Representative function
  • Order lists
  • Order and invoice overviews from Pantheon ERP
  • Returns and warranties
  • Automatic ordering
  • Linking Panteheon ERP via Middleware
  • Linking marketplaces/POS (such as Velo Connect, Amazon and Bol.com) via 9YConnect