Magento Experts


A powerful platform for more complex e-commerce environments
Adobe e-commerce (Magento) is a powerful, flexible and scalable platform for companies with more complex e-commerce needs. The big advantage of Magento is that customization is welcomed, and therefore there are virtually no restrictions in terms of development needs. At 9Yards we specialize in providing customized Magento ecommerce solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Understanding your needs and objectives

We start with an analysis of your business requirements and objectives. This helps us tailor the Magento implementation to your specific needs.

Design and development of your Magento environment

Our team of designers and developers create a visually appealing and user-friendly environment that strengthens your brand and engages customers.

Integration of extensions and links

We expand your Magento environment as desired with additional functionalities and all conceivable software connections for optimal user-friendliness, both internally and externally.
Magento is a proven solution for (larger) B2C web shops and B2B purchasing portals
For many years, Magento (Adobe e-commerce), has been a frequently chosen e-commerce platform for big and well-known brands, larger enterprises and companies from all over the world. Magento is chosen because of its robustness, scalability, security, feasibility and nowadays also future-orientedness. With 9Yards we have specialized in making Magento also accessible to SMEs with a tighter budget. We believe that the feasibility of the platform in an increasingly complex IT world is a major advantage in choosing Magento.
The benefits of Magento
No licensing costs associated with the software - Suitable for B2C, B2B and D2C - Expand with customization - Secure, proven and robust - Support for many languages ​​and currencies - No SaaS - Shop is your property - Continuous international development of modules and extensions